Join Science 10 with Math 10C, Math 10-3, & Science 14... SciMatics

  • One class
  • Three teachers
  • An expert in science
  • An expert in math
  • A learning expert


ALL students will obtain 10 CREDITS in math & science.

Science 10 is the single most important course for students to gain credits in.  It is also one of the most challenging courses; it has a high level of rigour and a stringent timeline.

Students, teachers, & parents, need a new approach to ensure that.

ALL students excel!

Big Ideas:

  • There is an opportunity for chemistry and physics preparation.
  • There will be several teachers to share their passion for the sciences and mathematics.
  • Students who fail science 10 have credit recovery built into their time table.
  • Students will have an opportunity to truly see if science 10 is the right course for them, while gaining credit in science 14 if they choose that path.
  • Students will have access to more support, flexible timelines, and gain credit in math in the process.