Other School Policies & Information

Other School Policies & Information

Cell Phones, IPODs, and other Electronic Devices (tablets, computers, & Chromebooks)

Unless given explicit permission by individual teachers for use in their classroom, students are not allowed to have or use cell phones, tablets, Chromebooks, or other such electronic devices in the school’s instructional areas during the school day.  Further, students who bring these devices to school are expected to keep them in their lockers during school hours unless being used for instructional activities or at breaks.  Teachers will provide their expectations for cell phone/electronic use in their respective course outlines.  Cell phones are not allowed in the bathroom or change rooms areas under any circumstances.  Students who violate these provisions will be dealt with severely.

Cell phones or other electronic devices confiscated by the teacher or staff member shall be given back at the end of class.  If this becomes a chronic issue, a meeting with parents will be requested.

Device/WIFI Expectations

All students and staff have access to WIFI using their computer logins. Some expectations apply:

  • Regular calculator needed (school will have extra calculators)
  • Devices cannot be used during testing – leave in locker or teachers desk
  • Is a privilege, your teacher will decide when, how, or if devices may be used in class
  • Teacher can see what you are doing – refusal to let teacher see –taken to office
  • No expectation of privacy
  • FOIP not allowed to take photos/record videos
  • Sound – sound/vibrate off
  • Texting – no texting during class time (no social media)
  • Student responsible for device at all times – expectation to leave in locker when not in use
  • WiFi is for educational purposes only

Surveillance Cameras
BMC uses a number of video cameras throughout the building as a supervision tool to monitor the school premises in order to provide students with a safe educational environment.

Energy Drinks

BMC is moving towards a healthier approach, therefore energy drinks are not permitted in the school.

Dance Policy

The Student Union may offer up to three dances a school year.  Students at BMC have the privilege of attending school dances.  There are no open dances.  Every student attending BMC is allowed to invite one guest.  The guest’s name and school is to be provided one week prior to the day of the dance and the student who invited that person is responsible for the guest's actions.  Guests are required to be registered in school and must receive approval to attend by the principal.  The dance is from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.  The school doors will be locked at 7:00.  Only students with permission to arrive late will be admitted after that time.  If a student leaves the school after being admitted, they will not be readmitted.  Drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted.  Infractions may result in suspension from school, and in the case of alcohol or drugs, the police will be notified.  Students who have been given in- school suspensions or out-of-school suspensions in the term prior to the dance are not eligible to attend the dance.  

Students have to be in good standing to go to a dance.  The following are reasons why a student will lose their good standing and therefore lose the privilege of attending a dance:

  1. 5 or more lates in a given month during the school year
  2. Poor attendance at school
  3. Being suspended from school (includes in-school suspension)
  4. Poor academic performance
  5. Ongoing/chronic behaviour issues.
  6. Skipping classes/school
  7. Other reasons as deemed necessary by administration

School Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a clean, neat, appropriate manner.  The learning atmosphere should be considered comparable to a business atmosphere.  Clothing with offensive words, slogans, or pictures is considered inappropriate.  Students will not wear skimpy, revealing tops, shorts, or skirts (the arm rule).  This would include tops that are backless or strapless.  Spaghetti straps and bare midriffs are also not allowed.  Coats are to be removed when in class.  Students are expected to have a second pair of shoes to be worn in the school and in the gym. Outside shoes are to be removed at the entrance door when conditions are wet or muddy.

Excessive Public Displays of Affection

The school recognizes that genuine feelings of affection may exist between students; however students should refrain from inappropriate intimate behaviours at school or school related events. The following activities specifically will not be allowed:

  • Prolonged kissing
  • No pelvic contact allowed, including, but not limited to, full body hugs and sitting on laps.
  • No touching and fondling of a sexual nature.

Consequences: Offenses will be brought to the attention of people involved. Severe or repeated offenses will warrant a meeting with students, parents, and teachers, where appropriate consequences will be decided.

Dropping Classes/Changing Classes 

Students are given the opportunity to drop a class or change a class according to a strict schedule.  The first three weeks of a semester are relatively open for students to change courses, as students may register in a course and quickly find that it is too difficult or for some other reason they need to change.  After the first few weeks, changing courses become quite difficult as hours of instruction come into play, but it may still be possible to move from a higher academic to a lower academic course once the appropriate counseling has taken place and administrative details worked out.  Students who wish to change or drop a class need to complete the appropriate form, which is available from the office

Illness/Emergency Contact Telephone Numbers

There is no sick room or bed at our school.  Students who are not feeling well (i.e. who are sick) should be at home recovering from their illness.  As you know, illnesses are spread very easily in a public space such as a school.  It is with this in mind that we urge you to have, at the very least, two emergency contact numbers with the School office, in case your child(ren) are not feeling well or get injured, and need to leave school.  These persons should have been informed of this arrangement and be aware that they will be expected to pick up your child, or make alternate arrangements for them, should you be unavailable.  The office telephone will be made available for students should they need to phone home or to an emergency contact if they are sick at school. 

Instructional Field Trips 

Students will not be charged for transportation on field trips of an instructional nature.  Students may be charged a fee equivalent to admission costs or other associated costs. 

Books, Materials, and School Fees

Students are expected to get the books and materials they require for the next periods at their breaks.  Students losing or abusing books will be charged fair replacement value.  When the school year begins, students are expected to arrive with general school supplies.  Textbook rental fees and other school fees are payable in September. Students will receive a fee schedule at that time. If payment of school fees is a concern, parents are encouraged to contact the school to make alternative arrangements.

Gym Clothes

Students shall have a separate change of clothes and shoes for Physical Education class. Shorts, T-shirts, and sweat suits are all suitable attire.

Locker/Locker Searches

Students will be issued a school locker and lock on their first day of school.  Combination locks will be attained from the school.  The lock combination will be kept on file in the office.  All other locks will not be permitted.  Lockers must be locked at all times.  Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of locker privileges.

All student lockers are the possession of the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools (WRPS) and are rented to students on a year-to-year basis.

  • Students and their parents will be required to sign a locker-rental agreement before being assigned a locker.
  • Students should have not an expectation of privacy in regards to the lockers they rent from WRPS.
  • Student lockers may be subject to un-announced searches by school administration and/or by outside law enforcement agencies             

Phone Calls 

Students who receive a phone call will not be taken out of class unless it is an emergency. Student may also make calls during breaks in the office. 

Fire and Lockdown Drills

Fire and Lockdown drills will be held regularly and are of a serious nature.  Specific rules and directions for fire drills are posted in all rooms.  It is the duty of each student to be aware of these rules and directions.


Only students in grade 12 are allowed to have spares.  Students in grade 10 and 11 must take a full load of courses, either in class or via distance education.  High School students have four places where they may be during their spares:

  1. In the Library with sufficient work to occupy them for the duration of the spare.
  2. Galleria area with work, reading, or other quiet activities.
  3. In the early fall and late spring they may take work to the picnic tables.
  4. They may leave the school grounds.

Under no circumstances will students on spares be permitted to be in the halls during class time.  Failure to follow these rules will result in the students spending their spares in a supervised room where classes are in progress.  The basic rules of conduct apply to all students with spares.  Students who do not conduct themselves appropriately will lose the privilege of having a spare.

Inclement Weather

The most current and up-to-date information about bus schedules is posted at www.wrps11.ca. Any buses that are not running due to inclement weather will be posted on this website.  Parents and students are advised to check the WRPS website during evenings or mornings of days in which school operation is in doubt.  Schools are generally not closed due to weather conditions.  Please do not drop your child off at school without ensuring they have gained access to the building before you depart.

Students Providing Their Own Transportation

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools provides transportation for students to attend school.  Students who choose to provide their own transportation on a regular or occasional basis should observe the following rules:

  1. Park in designated areas. Enter and leave the school grounds, at a speed not in excess of 15 km per hour.
  2. Students are not permitted to sit in vehicles at any time, nor are they permitted to loiter around the vehicles. This area is out of bounds unless students are arriving or leaving.
  3. Enter the school grounds quietly and leave quietly (radios, mufflers, etc.).
  4. Students who do not follow the above rules will not be permitted to bring vehicles to school.
  5. Students are not allowed to transport other students to school sanctioned extra-curricular events. They are to use the provided bussing as arranged by the school.