School Administrative Team

Buck Mountain Central School’s Staff

Buck Mountain Central School Administrative Team

Principal: Mr. Jon Meyers

  • Responsible for all aspects of the school
  • Instructional leadership of staff
  • Collaborates with staff and oversees all programming in the school
  • Responsible for human resources and budgeting activities
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Responsible for student issues / discipline in all grades

Vice Principal: Ms. Nicole Townsend

  • Responsible for student issues / discipline in all grades
  • Oversees and coordinates our high school redesign programming / PD
  • Provides academic and career counseling to students
  • Learning Support

Administrative Support Team

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Brenda Linde

  • Financial Management
  • Student Information Support

Administrative Assistant / Librarian: Mrs. Randi Tyler

  • Librarian
  • School attendance
  • Event coordination / concession

Student Support Team

Family School Liaison: Ms. Lesley Addario

  • Provides emotional and personal support for our students
  • Mediation for student issues
  • Meeting with at-risk youth

BMC Outreach: Mr. Jon Meyers

  • Coordinates our off-campus programming including Work Experience, Distance Learning

Maskwascis Wahkotowin Team: Mrs. Judy Miller, Ms. Nicole Townsend, & Mr. Jon Meyers

  • Provides guidance and support to students and families
  • Supports culturally responsive programming

Learning Support Teacher: Ms. Nicole Townsend

  • Facilitates the development of Individual Program Plans for students in the school
  • Works with classroom teachers to meet the individual learning needs of students
  • Works with students who require additional assistance to experience success

Career Counselor: Mrs. Judy Miller

  • Assists students with all areas of career and academic planning
  • Assists students with programming to ensure their success at school
  • Works with TAG teachers to ensure that all students are engaged in post-secondary planning, scholarship application, student financial aid, career exploration and work searches.

Wellness Coach: Mrs. Tina Hutchinson

  • Support to grade 7 in transitioning to Jr. High School to ensure academic, emotional, and social success
  • Supporting Leadership, community outings, and Outdoor Ed. course