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Quarter 1 grades and comments are ready for viewing via your PowerSchool account.

Dear Parents, Guardians, and students,

Quarter 1 grades and comments are ready for viewing via your PowerSchool account.  

PowerSchool is an incredible tool that will increase the effectiveness of feedback about student learning.  We strongly believe that student progress is best communicated through regular feedback rather than only at reporting dates, however at the end of each quarter you will receive a notice like this to confirm that grades and comments for the term are complete.  This means that teachers and school administration have reviewed this ‘snap shot’ of students’ progress and valuable feedback to support learning has been provided through the comment feature. For some highschool courses that have concluded (mostly options classes), grades will be uploaded to the student’s Alberta Education file and credits will be awarded.  

You can view grades and comments either on the PowerSchool mobile application or on the website portal.  Ensure that you are viewing quarter 1 to see the teachers’ comments.  Expand any grade by clicking on the course/grade to see a detailed list of assignments.

We are happy to help students and families learn how to use PowerSchool, please contact the office with any questions you may have.  This includes if you need to set up your account.  All student accounts are set up automatically, where their 5-digit student number is their username and their password is the same as the one used to log into their WRPS accounts. 

Please contact the office to set up an appointment where we can support you in accessing your PowerSchool account and/or show you the page we recommend to print if you require a hard copy of students’ progress. We can also support students in printing this for their parent/guardian. 

Please also see the “Frequently Asked Questions” as it may include the quick answers you are looking for. If not, please reach out to with your questions. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in learning,


Nicole Townsend


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