Fine Arts

Band 10/20/30

The concert band focuses on the development of instrumental musicians through the study of many types of concert band music. Students entering the program have had previous band experience in Junior High School or private study.

  • Band 10 - 5 Credits
  • Band 20 - 5 Credits
  • Band 30 - 5 Credits



Drama 10 / 20 / 30

Drama 10

Drama l0 is open to students desirous of learning the basic elements of theatre. A creative, developmental environment encourages students to explore stage, lighting, sound, costume selection and design. Students are involved in a performance production that allows for the development of theatre skill.

Drama 20

Further development of stage, lighting, sound and costume experience evolves into an opportunity to write original script, manage the stage for a full blown production and occupy the directors chair! Entrance into the drama zone festival is encouraged and has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for fine arts students!

Drama 30

Drama 30 is the further development of all theatre skills. The production or productions tend to be more elaborate and extends the skill development of all students. Emphasis on stage management and direction increases with experience. Public performance of high calibre productions are exciting and worthy of portfolio development.


Art 10 - 3 or 5 Credits

If you would like to learn to draw and paint this is a perfect course for you! No previous experience is necessary. You will learn basic techniques in pencil and ink drawing, and watercolor painting. You will learn how to recognize the elements and principles of design as they are found in nature.

Art 20 - 3 or 5 Credits

Build on competencies that you have learned in Art 10 and develop greater proficiencies in drawing and painting. You will study portrait drawing resulting in a creation of your own portrait, as well as collaboration art whereby you will be involved in creating a group mural.

Prerequisite: Art 10

Art 30 - 5 Credits

Art 30 is an extension of Art 10 and Art 20. You will become proficient in working with the elements and principles of design in pencil drawing, pen and ink, watercolors and acrylics. You will use what you have learned from all three levels of Art to create a commemorative piece to hang in the school.

Prerequisite: Art 20