Other High School Courses

Leadership 10/20/30

Program Goals & Objectives:

  • Students will develop a better understanding of what leadership is, the skills it takes to lead as well as being a contributing team member.
  • Students will learn about themselves, what they are capable of and what they can accomplish when they set their mind to it.  They will grow as team players, creative thinkers, effective communicators and capable citizens. Yes, this will involve speeches/presentations!
  • Leadership will extend the student’s sense of community, open their eyes to their potential, and provides opportunities for them to share their successes.  Students will begin to see how they can shape events rather than be shaped by them.
    • Students will have the opportunity to be a mentor as well as a mentee.  (Lots of volunteer opportunities in this class)
    • New in the 2015-2016 School Year:  We are taking over Students Union!  Students will have the opportunity to shape their school and get more involved in various committees.

Module Opportunities Include:

Grade 10

HSS 1030 – Communication Skills for Health Professionals

HSS 1050 – Intro to Mentorship

HSS 1080 – Leadership Fundamentals 1

HSS 1090 – Speaking & Presenting

HSS 1910 – Project A

Grade 11

HSS 2030 – Perspectives on Interpersonal Relationships

HSS 2050 – Becoming a Mentor

HSS 2080 – Leadership Fundamentals 2

HSS 2910/2920– HSS Project B & C

Grade 12

HSS 3090 – Governance and Leadership

HSS 3080 – Leadership Fundamentals 3

HSS 3050 – Becoming a Mentee

HSS 3060 – Extending the Mentoring Relationship

HSS 3910 – HSS Project D

Additional Credits Available:

HSS 2950 – Int. Practicum

HSS 3920 – Project E

HSS 3950 – Adv. Practicum

Outdoor Education 10/20/30

Students develop the motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively as private citizens and members of the workforce toward the conservation and responsible use of air, energy, forests, land, minerals, water and wildlife. Students work on modules in the course clusters: Wildlife and Environmental Stewardship.


Module Opportunities Include: 

Grade 10        

WLD 1010 – Intro to Wildlife

WLD 1020 – Wildlife Diversity

WLD 1060 – Navigation

WLD 1100 – Cooking Theory

WLD 1130 – Survival Skills

Grade 11

WLD 2040 – Spaces & species

WLD 2090 – Issues in Wildlife

WLD 2100 – Outdoor Cooking

WLD 2910 – WLD Project B

WLD 2130 – Outdoor Excursion

(PE 20 – 3 Credits)

Grade 12

WLD 3020 – Wildlife Protection & Stewardship

WLD 3130 – Outdoor Leadership

WLD 3090 – Analyzing issues in Wildlife

WLD 3910 – WLD Project D

WLD 3920 – WLD Project E

(PE 30 – 3 Credits)

Additional Credits Possible:

WLD 1070 – Hunter’s Ed

WLD 1080 – Fishing Ed

WLD 1090 – Boating License                       


Sports Performance 10/20/30

High intensity skills development for the student interested in or committed to a Physical Fitness and Sport. In this course students will focus on the application on knowledge, skills and techniques to enhance athletic performance. The course topics will include: Human and Anatomy and Physiology fitness program development, fitness analysis, specific sport training, current fitness trends, goal setting, nutrition for daily living and sport performance, and others. The course will have some classroom instruction with the majority of the class focused on practical experiences.

Prerequisite: 5 Credits of PED 10

CALM - Career and Life Management

Career and Life Management (CALM)
(3 credits)

CALM  is a core course required of all Senior High Students for graduation. The program will provide students with opportunities to develop and practice life skills through learning experiences.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Realistically set and plan for personal goals
  • Assess and consider their own abilities
  • Determine how their personal characteristics affect their learning and decision-making processes
  • Test their ideas and current expectations in a non-judgmental and safe environment
  • The curriculum is structured into three interrelated core themes:
  • personal and interpersonal challenges
  • career explorations
  • financial planning and consumer choices

Special Project 10/20/30

This program is designed to allow students to engage in the in-depth study, of an area or field, which is not provided for in the school program but is of specific interest to the student. Students, in consultation with school administration and a cooperating teacher, design their own program of study.

Special Projects perform two main functions 

1. Students become involved in the selection, planning and organization of their    own programs.
2. Students pursue activities in which they have considerable interest ability but which are not within the scope of the regular curriculum or the programs being offered in the school.

Requirements for special project credits are:
1. Each project shall be carried out under the supervision of a teacher.
2. Students are required to submit a clearly planned proposal to the principal for approval.       

The proposal should include:
A description or outline of the project, the number of hours of work expected to complete the project, a method by which the project will be carried out, description of the expected result, the evaluation procedures as outlined by a teacher, an expected completion date.

Work Experience 15,25,35

Work experience provides an opportunity for students to discover their career interests and aptitudes in a real work situation. Students, starting at the Grade 10 level, are offered two five credit courses: Work Experience 25 and 35.

Prerequisite: HSC 3000 and 3010.