Physical Education

Physical Education 10

Physical Education provides students the opportunity to develop in five specific areas.  Students are taught the physical skills necessary to participate in a variety of activities.   Through participation and theory components students will be able to monitor, develop and maintain fitness levels, which are appropriate.  The program assists the students to understand and identify basic physical movements, which apply to a variety of activities.  The students will learn and apply social skills, which will promote acceptable standards of behavior as well as positive attitudes which will help the student develop interpersonal skills which will be transferable to other areas of their lives.

The course is offered for a semester (3 Credits) or for the entire year (5 Credits).

Physical Educations 20/30

This course is geared for highly motivated students in athletic/sports and careers in physical education. The curriculum includes outdoor education, officiating, leadership, individual and team sports.

Prerequisite: PE 10 for PED 20                                       

Prerequisite: PE 20 for PED 30



Sports Performance - 5 Credits

High intensity skills development for the student interested in or committed to a Physical Fitness and Sport. In this course students will focus on the application on knowledge, skills and techniques to enhance athletic performance. The course topics will include: Human and Anatomy and Physiology fitness program development, fitness analysis, specific sport training, current fitness trends, goal setting, nutrition for daily living and sport performance, and others. The course will have some classroom instruction with the majority of the class focused on practical experiences.

Prerequisite: 5 Credits of PED 10


This activity-based course is an extension of the Phys Ed. curriculum. This would include activities that may have been identified as Tundra Sports in the past.