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We are excited to invite you to a virtual Educational Liaison Association of Alberta (ELAA) fair on
November 3rd, 10th, and 24th from 6-8pm Mountain Time.

ELAA events are a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions to 28 Alberta post-secondary
institutions including Colleges, Universities, Technical Institutions, the RCMP, and Canadian
Forces. In this virtual booth fair you can inquire about programs, admission requirements,
scholarships, housing, and much more! Nowhere else do you get all these institutions in one place
so be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity to plan for your future.

To register for this event please visit and
register in the top right corner. You must be registered in order to join and can register in advance of
the actual event. Once you are registered you can connect on the day of the event by logging in from
the same link.

Once logged in you can visit the exhibitor hall by selecting “Exhibit Hall” in the
middle of the screen or by selecting the icon at the bottom of your screen

In each booth you will be able to ask questions via the chatroom and recruiters can
connect with you one on one if needed. There are materials such as viewbooks
that you can collect in your briefcase by selecting the orange briefcase icon. Be
sure to download items in your briefcase before the event is over so you have
access to it after the event!

The ELAA executive team recommends that you check out each institution's virtual booth to see if
they have programs that might be a good fit for you. You should also understand the admission
requirements, application deadlines, and costs. Don’t forget to look into their info on athletics,
extra-curricular, scholarships, housing, and all the other exciting opportunities that await you in your
post-secondary journey!

If you have any questions, or any other inquiries, please contact Mrs. Armstrong at

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